Posted by: Sarat Varanasi | September 6, 2011

Could The DMV Use Some Lean and Automation Techniques ?

I have roamed the breadth and depth of various cities and states across USA. From Vermont to California, from Portland to Kansas City, from Leesburg, VA to Hartford, CT. I enjoyed all the places I stayed at even though I would never go back to Vermont.

With this roaming comes the price of registering your cars in various states. I recently had a terrible experience with the same. The flow of events was something like this

Upon going to the registration window (wait was not that bad on a Saturday), I was told I had to follow a complicated process to get my car registered in CT. The Turn Around Time (TAT) for this process is approximately 45 – 60 days

I am sure every state wants to get their share of registration funds but should the process be so complicated? Imagine a simplified process like below which could cut the end to end TAT to 2 days

Well, some food for thought. Let us hope the automation happens one day and the systems are centralized.


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