Posted by: Sarat Varanasi | January 25, 2010

Only Way to Grow – One customer at a time

How many times do you remember somebody or something not because of what they did but the way they did it? By now, all of us know that if the service in a restaurant is not good, you can talk to the manager, give them feedback and maybe even get a credit on your bill. However, it is not what credit you get but how they give the credit that makes the difference.

Take this example – I visited Red Robin on 19th evening at around 8:00 PM. The type of restaurant is besides the point. You have to do what you have to do when you have 4 year olds. We got great service from the server but our food was served cold. What happened after I returned back was pretty impressive.


There is only one reason I will go back to Red Robin – their personal attention to each customer. Yes, my son will also want to go back..

In this day and age where bad propaganda goes around quickly, the good also goes around pretty quickly. So what can a consulting organization or consultants learn from this?

  • Always thrive to achieve quality
  • If you did not accomplish quality, acknowledge it and correct it – Ignoring it or acting as if nothing happened does not work
  • The end result is important but the approach to end result is equally important


Remember – There is only one way to grow the company – Focus on one customer at a time and focus on every customer.



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